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Sunday, July 22, 2007

rob's wedding + flatheads galore?!

went to rob and heid hughes wedding last nite. it was a lot of fun and we got to chill with Musky Erik and Sandra. erik sent me a foto of a musky that had bee killed because it was eating all the bluegills in a sweet spot and the old timers killed it. a big musky at that. also i saw some other friends. i will be holding a chili cook off this season and also a rib challenge. so some fun cooking in future. beautiful weather today. just have to nurse a hangover and maybe some fishing later. i'm hot a spot for the infamous flathead and a dude lastnite turned me on to a killer spot. later

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bizzy like a bee!!

yo, catfish is super -bizzy. frontin'ya'll. my man robby rob is gittin hitched to his ho this weekend some i'ma headin' there for some merry making. me and sexxxy baitgirl and i tore it up on the river on sunday, and who should appear thru my hamm's induced haze, but none other than Carpy-McJeffers. we chilled and shit. i missed 2 cats. very upset. more later...i think jeff is heading up north to spread the word. peace! c.f.j.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Holy Crap did we hookk 'em up!!! Lucky 07/07/07

hey boys and girls, PHat TOny and I put on a clinic last nite on how to catch catfish and drink beer. We hooked up 10 nice channel cats with a flurry of yellow-bellied bullheads and a random smallie/ walleye.
I have experimenting with a different bait presentation that seems to attract all kinds of fish.and no its not worms,...but tony's got worms.hey!! Tony topped the nite with a beauty cat that weighed around 8-9lbs. the head on this thing was huge! I brought in one lovely fish that was quite a weird one. it had the dimensions of a 26 " catfish, except it was 'bout 22'' long. very compact and pudgy. its like imagine a weenie dog that got smooshed together. i let her go.
It was fri-nite, 07/07/07. freight nite. the spot we were at had none stop semi traffic along with the train noise.. also there was a car exp in town full of Cherry hot rods that were revving their engines of that gas! Antares(the giant red star) in the heart of the constellation Scorpio was beautiful. The largest of the Jovian planets sparkling above. (yes jupiter) set the stage for a romantic evening.. sexy bait girl was cheerful, but had to leave early...
Last nite i tried something i've never tried before.with a man. tony and i were alone and kinda drunk, so i let him stick his finger in my stinkbait. wow. it was painful watching my stinkbait getting finger by someone else than me. but i relaxed, we're friends right? it was all for fun, but i bet his finger still stinks today. that stuff gets under youre fingernail man. eeeeewwwww....
So try out new bait combos and experience a whole different style of fishing.. the brown side of the force is strong. Fishin with buddies. cheers from the twisted cat-guru. fish on!!! c.f.j.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

happy 4th of july ya'll

hi all. what a wednesday. i watch a marathon between Rocky and Shaft yesterday while nursing a hung over "baitgirl" Sometimes free booze isn't that great, soft on the pocketbook, hard on the headache. Big news is that i am planning a flathead catfish expedition on the wisco flowage @ here to see if one may be around. it should be interesting. My friend York(the guy with the car stolen twice in one day) has a birthday as does my dear father. i will have to work on some presents. take care and keep those comments coming...except from that "blueberry Mafia guy".. we all know who you are. later cfj...