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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

da bears win!!!

holy moly, what a crazy game. as intense as the packer/steeler game. wow. now we will see how brent and the crew handle it. they are still great and still like the vi-queens... new lesson learned. do not use a car cover in freezin rain. it will stick to your car. crap

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

here comes the snow

like a foot. first big one of the year. i am prepared. have been since early november. fired up the snowblower. got the boots. snow tires. the first snow is the worse so we will see how many people end up with fender benders. how many inches u got?? haines ak, girdwood??

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

decembrist's day/ free health care.

wow, we had like a three week native american summer here with hi's near 60. am almost done with the saltwater tank progress. will post pix. i am finally using my college education to win trivia contests at a local bar called club forest. all i have to do is be the hi winner and ta da, 25 dollar bar tab. i did it last week and am goin again this week. it feels like cheating, but its not that fun. i do like the free money. oh yeah, i can't wait for the health care to pass so i can get lasik surgery and help pay for the less fortunate in america. and all the illegal fraud too..........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

luckily, i got the cold

my worst year to date. i have had like 4 weeks of cold/flu/food poisoning and can't get a break. i am off the "beer" and am on the "water" . when will i get better. shane: hope all is well for you in ak. have a great winter and i look forward to seein ya. i found a pix from halloween when we all went out partying. i was a chic and tony was fat albert.. the good ole days...

Friday, October 30, 2009

hello ye merry bloggo-weeners+++/ i am afraid of scary movies

ah. halloween, or as i like to say Hello-ween. a fierce, vile time of the year that extends shrieks and blood curdling stools to children and parents alike. i am afraid of scary movies. i admit it. my parents kept us kids away from the genre as kids and i still haven't got used to them. call it an overactive imagination, but after i saw "the grudge", i swear he was in the bathroom that night. and to hell if i will ever go in the frickin attic again, in daytime, in the summer. never. it doesn't he that my girl can look the evil "the ring" girl if she puts her hair in her face and it still freaks me out. i grew up with a hundred acre corn field in my backyard. never had a prob walking around the evil place in the dark with the wet, sharp edge of the corn leaves cutting into your tender flesh. if you've never walked out into a cornfield in the dark, now is not the time. too many angry souls and hellions, plus you wager the chance to get downright lost and cornfields create an all encompassing vertigo, especially in the dark. and i grew up on "elm circle". not elm street but close enough. so no nightmare there. which brings me back to a tad over 5 years ago. i met my lady around october, in the meantime, she fell deathly ill. i stayed home with her on halloween and watched scary movies and had scarier nightmares. angela grew up watchin scary movies, so they have no effect on her. none. zip. zilch. she sleeps like a baby. so last year she took it upon herself to "cure" me of my fears and de-sensitize me by making me watch scary movie after scary movie after scary movie. and i was cured, but only to the extent of the "80's movies. the 90's and 2000' movies still scare the crap outta me. kinda like shane farting:). so i look forward to the 'unborn, 'the 4th kind, 'paranormal state' and the likes that have that fastforward scary crap., whatever happened to "Hitchcock that used the scariest, most evil, powerful stage prop in the universe: our imagination..? have fun trick or treating. and i hope that payday is just a candy bar.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am needed... and so are the white trash.

yea!! so here's whats up with the neighborhood. the 15 yr old girl got knocked up by her 9th grade boy toy on sturgis weekend when the 'rents were away. she just got in a huge catfight with her brother's girl that was mad at her cuz she's 17 and wants to get knocked up too. but her man (tyler) already got 2 girls knocked up a month apart 2 years ago. plus they are loosing their house in december, but can still keep the harley?? priorities of the white trash. i've considered helping their rent as i will be so lonely without them. i will have to sell the binoculars. and ang deleted the pix of the neighbor mom picking weeds on all fours with her "flirty" girl daisy dukes on. crap.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

does anyboky care anymore??

i've never been mentioned on tv. does anybody read this except jeff?? if so, please leave a comment as i think its time to ice this blog. its ran its course. i have connections with the cranberry familia and with "the real housewives of wood county". i think i'm set

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

another day, another dollar

august is back with a quickness. hot and muggy. like walking in soup. the best time i find to struggle on automotive projex that make you soooo madddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

i hate the yard

it controls me. i am at its mercy. something so benign that i walk on now is my silent ruler. green and flat, sucker of the water. i loathe thee.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Its Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Friday!!!!!! and the yard is already mowed. there is this looming feeling that my mother may stop by as she is in the tri-state area. used lawn food to green up the yard and man does it look nice. it occurred to me as i was mowing that its a social prejudice of the appearance of the front yard. any person driving by instantly judges and categorizes the persons in the house by the level of one's maintenance of the front yard. i used to resist social norm and never mowed the yard. i liked it natural. now, i'm a mowing often. i still say no to weed - wacking!!!!! i must have some resistance to yard-status.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

another day another dollar

we survived the jalapenos and nachos at club forest again. we won 3 times in bingo. man, is that a riot. i've my canoe up to snuff and am ready to gear up. a chilly weekend. had panfish last nite, ribs today. my family had a party in illinois but 12 hours on the road and added cost is too high. i hope they all had fun. i'ma fixin to clean my fish tank. how dull, but i makes bertha happy(my fish). later alligater

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another one bites the dust!!

yup, one more neighbor in foreclosure and denial and drunk. fun to watch, kinda depressing. like that fat drunk guy too drunk to get up and too fat to get up. july almost over and yet to catch a cat. but i've caught a buzz. no worries as we all now i can catch a cat with catfood

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i'm having chest pain!

issues and headaches. simplify life, i simplify myself. projects and hobbies weigh me down. i need to free myself. more time to fish if the weather wasn't crappy. whether the weather is an issue or not, i still have to contend with myself. this is the last "year of the projekts" next year is sloth

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

holy crap> its official.

as media entertainment becomes more widespread, accessible, and popular; will we all be assimilated? it seems that the nerds did inherit the world. if a person doesn't Facebook or even know how to "surf the net", you assume they are retarded(no offense jeff). i like to stay current. it makes me feel younger and hip. my young neighbor girl couldn't believe myself and my ho are on Facebook. i was like, "yeah, i got like 50 friends. how many you got?" and she was like "jimbo, i've got over 300." high school/SPASH... how doesn't have that many friends. duh. so, i was put in my facebook place. and she told me my mowing sux cuz i miss so much of the grass. somehow, i've morphed into a pseudo-suburbanite, but i still rock PRINCE mofo!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I AM ON FACEBOOK!/ Census '09 begins

finally did it and i like it. facebook is nifty. i've befriended alot of dudes i haven't heard of forever. its a blast. everyone whom reads this, please leave a comment so i can start a census. thanks.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Repo Man Cometh....

finally getting a little spring and summer. the black spg projekt is near completion. then once the raised garden is finished, i am officially off for the summer. fishing and camping and having fun is my #1 priority. i haven't talked with tony for awhile. he has gotten new young kool friends. or just a bunch of other single drinking buddies. oh well. some fancy action yarry happened last night. our whitetrash nextdoor neighbors got their car REPO'd last night. the neighbor girl said it was gonna happen friday but it narry did. lo and behold, right around 9 pm, cometh the repo. the father(after his son knocked up the neighbor skank and another skank) went out and "bought" a new harley-davidson and showed up with a new Ford Mustang GT. well, one is gone. next the harley??? lets watch and find out.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new orleans/jazzfest 2009

whata party!!! we made it!! a great time with the only rain-free jazzfest in 15 years. we had a blast going out every night on the town dining and drinking. music filled the air. great people(all tourists) and a nice swine-flu pandemic. we did it all. our favorite bar was the Carousel which actually did a complete circle in @ 20 minutes. it had to believe that many bars and restaurants have been open like 100 years. we will have some new fotos soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

happy Easter

good morning. been a little off and blogged lately. have been busy with 3 cars to maintain and spring gooodies. i've finalized my idea for a raised garden/greenhouse. need supplies and no fear of frost. its getting warmer, but hace frio a noche. Baseball is season is in full effect. lets see what happens this year. jim

Monday, March 23, 2009

april showers bring may mudbogs

what is this? rain,snow.sleet.etc... we just took down the christmas tree and i am very sad. i wanted it up the whole year. it became alive to me. and the coffee table was so close. perfect for my beer. now i have to lean forward. o taunenbaum. b.u.m.m.e.r. well. football is around the corner, i can't wait to see how brett and coach homegrown will do this year. the pack will win da superbowl for sure hey. we be goin to chicago to do the shamrock shuffle with my sis claud and spiker. i put us in for the longest mile time possible so i hope they start us in the front. good picture opportunities. look for us in the chicago tribune. just ordered my ipod classic. 120 gb of power. i finally hve all my cds in the itunes at around 13gb. i still am gonna burn my vinyl to the ipod too. and i got alot too. later-hosin catfish. oh yeah. the 14 1/2 walleye are running if ya wanna waste your time or catch bait.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

yo. Props to the real Jay -Z/ my 2time hi-skool daddy got smokes.

damn is it cold and frickin windy. i've inherited a dude's garbage can that blew the 200 yards in the 40 mph gusts last night. and i think the loser kid of the neighbor mechanic went to go get smokes @ 2am from the rpm's in first and the bass....from his dad's mustang.later..

Props: 2 my man jason Z? i went to hi skool with this kool kat. chess and suicidal tendencies. check out his blog....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


its cold, and i'm ready for spring. i have to concentrate on indoor tasks. i'm concerned that my friend jeff is insane. and its still winter. nuthin worse than being trapped indoors and being insane. look what happened to jeff dahmer and ed guine. i'm concerned. andrew and kelly got married this last weekend. thats bout it

Friday, January 23, 2009

made it!

aaahhhh. the weekend. time to maxin-relaxin. we've a busy schedule for awhile. visitin friends, a radio show in town called "whadya know?" is playing. my sis and fam are coming up to go sledding. valentines day, then we walk the "shamrock shuffle" with my sister claudine, in downtown chicago with 35,ooo of our closest friends. then we get a break for awhile. in the meantime, its getting super cold again. time to exercise to get ready for spring. also have a downstairs work bench to design and build.. later.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wow, did we get drunk

carpy mc jeffers, phat tony, me and bait ho got tore up on sunday. we got so drunk we left our new mcdermot pool cue at the bar. luckily p.tony was still there to save us. how did it happen???? that was bad. its like one of those "where are my pants" morning, or "who puked in my mouth last night" kinda things. uh. i'm never gonna drinka agin!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

high of -6 fahrenheit today

its like so cold outside. why are schools closed, but not work?? its too cold to work, unless you're an ice road trucker. the moon has been extra beautiful in these frigid nights and mornings. it reminds me to appreciate every day and be happy. its not too hard when i'm so good looking, intelligent, and humble. peace off and don't lick any flagpoles. cfj

Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009 baby!!!

its here. finally. i've been waiting for this year. now all the stuff i got with "Obama 2009" will go like hot cakes and i'll be a millionaire. all is well here. beer,chili,snow,football..... Carpy McJeffers is going insane and his "fortress of looneytude" is deranging his senses like a man dying from thirst.