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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Idle Banter plus... Carpy Jeff's "secret spot"

Wow, is it summer or what. have any of you heard of the candian serial killer by the name of Pickton?? holy smokes... i don't know how that guy could find time for fishin' with all that murderin'!? i've been busy building my own jewelers bench to set up my own little workshop.. yes, catfishjim has been a practicing goldsmith for 15 years. plus i also worked at the stevens point brewery yesterday.. man is that place crazy in the summer time.. i guess i'm a jim of all trades'
the Brood XIII is upon us and already hatching in the chicago area. when i say brood, i mean the hatching of the cicada. the largest entymological hatching in the world.
did a little catfishin' on tuesday. tried bacon...doesn't stay on the hook that well for mach 3 casts, but i suppose a soft presentation it would work great.
my friend shane did a 4 day hike across a glacier and frozen lake up in alaska. crazy... he sent me a link to get the jist of the trek.. i sure hope he is writing all this down for his memoirs/book. he was also a brown bear guide..when i say guide i mean he would shoot them..for money so thats ok with all you money- hungry, earth-hatin', bambi killers.. i myself don't have the ability to kill anything that makes noise..if fish cried, i'd be a vegan...
if any of you have been checking on lately, jeffers has gone native up north.. I DO know his exact whereabouts so if you would like to know his "special place" i'd love to fill you in. then we can all be "in back of beyond" which i think is code for high on ectasy, ridin' the white horse, flying some boss crank, and all that acid- smoking that those hippies do. to each there own...
SBG and i did watch a show and found out most of america around the 1900s were all morphine junkies... sears-roebuck would send you a hypodermic needle kit for $1.50. already loaded with the dragon for you shooting pleasure..
have a safe memorial day and remember the vets and soldiers.. i think we should bring the troops home to there wives and kids, and impeach this small-minded , shitty president... cheers. Fish On.....

Friday, May 18, 2007

My undacova brutha from anutha mutha!!

yes!!, here is photo of myself when i ruled the riverbanks as the phattest fishin' pimp of all times..shit... the "man" next to me is a mole in the "waste management mafia". he can take care of any "body" you need disposing of. for a fee of course. i don't feel safe right now so i'm jettin.....cfj

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Headin to minneapolis with an achin in my heart

headin to mud duck land to see prairie home companion with garrison keeler. Phat tony turnd us onto this show by gratitude of fishing adventures. a must if shore fishin..(props) i ran into a friend of ours i haven't seen for ten years.. jeff healy and his sexxy bait wife, mandy. man .. i must say time has not been good to them, or i am just soo good looking.. must be the oil of olay.. we visited the acclaimed "harbor bar" and Phat tony made a guest appearance. he has lost weight. so he may be slim tony soon.. My fine accomplice..(sexxy bait girl) was one fly ho!... and she got a new job so we were celebrating... fun in wisconsin.. it was weird because i ran into people from point..norbert, natalie, and leigh. i work with both natalie and leigh, and i think i surprised all of them... huh, catfishjim not fishin??? but it was fun and i'll never drink again......i need a chuck norris bloody mary.. and jeff kopp getting fatter??and what ever happend to Darth M.matt??? is he stripping for billy d. williams for some cool colt 45???? and why am i thinking this.. yesterday i was talking to a lady at work about the baby-boomers and how they will make a great protein source for cat and dog food...with some A1 sauce. i gotta think humans taste like chicken..just add some colonel's secret recipe and voila!! KFC ...mmmmmm.....

Monday, May 7, 2007

BitchList 2007....New G's in da hood.

yo!! wassup my nappy-headed catbuddies. some shizoos begin hittin los pavement and some of my homies aint gettin the cheddar. some shit's been really pissin the f*#k outta yo man: the following....
1st. my "wasteman" be dissin me.(on the stinkbait list)
2nd. some g's stole my man y-orks whip
3rd. Phat tony's on a diet. (on my stinkbait list)
4th. Carpfish jeff is frontin' all this corn shit. (ho)
5th. all these walleye bee-atches be frontin' my shit.
6th. the Fish Lady's still holdin' out on my Sucka.
7th. I diversified both of my 401k's so that i am in on that Asian- Pacific shit as i believe it to be a stronger economy: bullish future.
8th. All the suckas pimpin there weak-ass shit!
SO. a little sumpin-sumpin been on the streets and i ain't gettin a taste. i thinks its some kids joy-riding. soon, they will feel the catfish's circle hook diggin deeep in the joint. grip up. CFJ

Friday, May 4, 2007

Holy Moly!!!

Wow. has it been nice here. campin at devils lake in 4 weeks. Sexxy bait girl just got a new bike and i have a foto of her on the wisco. Peace in the Middle East.!!