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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scuba duba doo.

we have survived our first week of training for scuba certification. 2 more weeks to go. a synapse of the last week. fish,drink,visit family in illinois, no drink, drive.drink. a little of central wisco. mercury possessed weirdosity happened this last week. a kid went missing after the 4th. presumably walking home. big search. no body. same day they give up the search, the police find him. only naked and battered. they also find another naked, battered 23 year old dude. a dude kidnapped,chained, and sexually molested these dudes, but he got caught. he had a bunch of guns too. huh. chains. you're supposed to use rope or zip-ties to tie up your victims. a lesson to be learned: don't take a ride with strangers. especially gun-toting sadistic homophobic ones. yeah. jim.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th o july

did some fishing with Carpy Mc Jeffers. we nailed some cats as usual. hit an area of the river i've never tried. we decided to forgo the Bodeans playing at the river front (sorry rob, i shoulda called) today we are heading to see my fam. in illinois. my sisters and mom and i haven't all been together for 4 years so its special. now if can only get Crappie Ang out o the bathroom and into the car.