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Friday, October 31, 2008

happy Halloween!!! the end is near

i heard on the radio this week that a cemetery had a vandal dig up a body of a baby lately. they only found parts of the casket, no remains. ever see the omen??? i guess the anti-christ is not! sara Palin. some damn kids
'bood" me yesterday and left candy on my front porch. damn kids.
i'll be goin out as the unknown comic tonite, or as i call it "bagman" another forgotten criminal mastermind from the batman comix. just use a regular issue brown bag from the market, cut out some eye holes and away you go! you gotta go out!! what other day of the year do perfect strangers give out candy??? maybe i'll color one bag white and go as!! thats some funny shit man. just watched Scarface for the first time, and finished up with B classic "attack of the Killer Tomatoes" i have finished the K. tomatoes and am finally free...yea. cfj.. p.s. dad's commin up to fish, maybe a musky this year?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

power animals??

Satin Peruvian Guinea Pig. this is angela's power animal. mine, the cyanomogulus monkey of course. how does jeff kopp find this crap?? check out for more. jim

Friday, October 24, 2008

its almost helloween

time for trix,seances,murders,arson,candy, and all around tom-foolery. yes its halloween, the sacred holiday of the dead. and candy. how did tooth decay get involved in this day?? that one dentist awhile ago bought all the candy at a buck/pound to show that all that candy is bad for you(i.e. get the fat kids fatter, cavities,obesity,diabetes...). i may once again done the mask of the unkown comic!! yup, put a brown bag over your ugly mug, cut out a couple holes for eyes and you're off!! quick lad, to the neighbors. on another note, i am worried that carpy McJeffers has acquired another fire-arm. i think the feds need to have a talk with him/.. again. yeah, when hillary clinton came to wausau, the feds found our little social deviant and questioned him. seems he made some aggessive claims to the chief of police, and he IS an anarchist!!! a soft, nihilistic, anarchist. the kind that like cookies and kittens. Time for Prop list, Props go to: Shaner, for moto-guzzii the highest, most dangerous highway for hell in India, Props: Erik H, for falling for the joke that my sister wants to become a nun and had to repent her sins for fornicating with him back in college.sucker.. props to all my homies doin time! later c.f.j.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

family visit

had my sis, hubby, and two boy spawn visit for the weekend. had a blast fishing,canoing,campfire. time. a great northern weekend. those two kids are crazy!!! some weekends are the best eh?

Monday, October 13, 2008

why don't i blog so much now??

i dunno. i've been bizzy. working and fishin. slayed the catfish sunday morning on bluegill heads. couldn't drink beer. too many fish. been working on the bugs on the SPG. just got the power mirrors working. sweet. watch the movie IRON MAN> collected the comic so its cool to see it in cinemax-ography. i did have a mild explosion with a fermenting beer carboy that led to about an hour of cleaning the ceiling and two walls. i guess i'm just a been lazy. i'll sit down soon with a sixer and give the str8t mafioso shiznit. peace in the middle east!!! CFJ