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Sunday, November 30, 2008

its beginning to look alot like X-mas

that poor guy that opened the door at the walmart in long island was trampled. too bad but it could be natural selection if he didn't know any better than to start directly in front of the door as the mad throng of shoppers went into the shopping frenzy. herd mentality.any situation, i'd stay away. it reminds me of when a walmart in wausau or point had a midnight opening of halo 8 or playstation, or xbox. the store had all the wild kids have to stand across the parking lot. so at midnight, they let em run acrossed the lot to the happy video games awaiting and everyone was happy. not exactly, the distance to run only amplified the winners and losers and some of the mean kids tripped and shoved the others around them. this lead to one kid getting jacked into a light pole and having to be taken to the hospital with contusions. i'd just wait to get it next week.

only one hunter dead so far this year and about 5 gun fire mishaps. and the lady that was missing in hatfield,wi. has been found dead. who dunnit??? bait girl knew immediately. yup, her husband. almost always you are killed or shot by somebody you know. except the 2 dudes that bucked each other down in the check out line in Toys-r-us. hey!!! have a merry next couple of weeks and maybe shopping on line is a tad safer??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pikefishjim's jamboree??

well, both my dad and sexxxy bait girl out fished me this weekend. i got @ 15 in large mouth bass. very chubby. dad got 30 northern pike and den ang got 2 pike in 2 casts. 24" and 20" respectfully. all pike caught on da new slash bait, the X-rap. killer bait eh??

Friday, October 31, 2008

happy Halloween!!! the end is near

i heard on the radio this week that a cemetery had a vandal dig up a body of a baby lately. they only found parts of the casket, no remains. ever see the omen??? i guess the anti-christ is not! sara Palin. some damn kids
'bood" me yesterday and left candy on my front porch. damn kids.
i'll be goin out as the unknown comic tonite, or as i call it "bagman" another forgotten criminal mastermind from the batman comix. just use a regular issue brown bag from the market, cut out some eye holes and away you go! you gotta go out!! what other day of the year do perfect strangers give out candy??? maybe i'll color one bag white and go as!! thats some funny shit man. just watched Scarface for the first time, and finished up with B classic "attack of the Killer Tomatoes" i have finished the K. tomatoes and am finally free...yea. cfj.. p.s. dad's commin up to fish, maybe a musky this year?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

power animals??

Satin Peruvian Guinea Pig. this is angela's power animal. mine, the cyanomogulus monkey of course. how does jeff kopp find this crap?? check out for more. jim

Friday, October 24, 2008

its almost helloween

time for trix,seances,murders,arson,candy, and all around tom-foolery. yes its halloween, the sacred holiday of the dead. and candy. how did tooth decay get involved in this day?? that one dentist awhile ago bought all the candy at a buck/pound to show that all that candy is bad for you(i.e. get the fat kids fatter, cavities,obesity,diabetes...). i may once again done the mask of the unkown comic!! yup, put a brown bag over your ugly mug, cut out a couple holes for eyes and you're off!! quick lad, to the neighbors. on another note, i am worried that carpy McJeffers has acquired another fire-arm. i think the feds need to have a talk with him/.. again. yeah, when hillary clinton came to wausau, the feds found our little social deviant and questioned him. seems he made some aggessive claims to the chief of police, and he IS an anarchist!!! a soft, nihilistic, anarchist. the kind that like cookies and kittens. Time for Prop list, Props go to: Shaner, for moto-guzzii the highest, most dangerous highway for hell in India, Props: Erik H, for falling for the joke that my sister wants to become a nun and had to repent her sins for fornicating with him back in college.sucker.. props to all my homies doin time! later c.f.j.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

family visit

had my sis, hubby, and two boy spawn visit for the weekend. had a blast fishing,canoing,campfire. time. a great northern weekend. those two kids are crazy!!! some weekends are the best eh?

Monday, October 13, 2008

why don't i blog so much now??

i dunno. i've been bizzy. working and fishin. slayed the catfish sunday morning on bluegill heads. couldn't drink beer. too many fish. been working on the bugs on the SPG. just got the power mirrors working. sweet. watch the movie IRON MAN> collected the comic so its cool to see it in cinemax-ography. i did have a mild explosion with a fermenting beer carboy that led to about an hour of cleaning the ceiling and two walls. i guess i'm just a been lazy. i'll sit down soon with a sixer and give the str8t mafioso shiznit. peace in the middle east!!! CFJ

Thursday, September 25, 2008

beautiful day!!

wow, what nice weather. got the "dinkins campin trip from hell" this weekend in starved rock st. park in illinois. should be fun, its a "dry" park. go figure. Darth M. matt has my voodoo romo doll and is using it against me. time for paybax.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

september almost gone.

and its like just started. well. we started a workout schedule. me and my nappy ho are gettin in shape before winter. worked on my new saab and am pretty much done with all my projects. i'm gettin caught up and am ready for fishin this weekend. maybe crappy this weekend. we be goin on the dinkins campin trip from hell next week. it'll probably hail and rain frogs. later

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

went fishin.

had a blast with Mc Carpy. ang started skool on tues. again so i have a little time to catch up on things i've put off. like no mosquitos. weird. got all the receipts for the new saab in order. i believe one of the previous owners raced it. the records are like up to 15 grand!!! loco. take care. ;ater

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

holy moly....crap i haven't blogged 4 eternity

i'm lazy. you can just feel my lazy-ness as it gets hotter and lazier. ok. scuba certified july 26-27. couple weeks off later. bought tickets to jazzfest '09 new orleans. goin 2 brewer game. then great america, then campin with tha family in illinois at Starved Rock st. park. then some time off. also i bought a new car and we canoed the point flowage as they dropped the water level a historic 10 feet for dam work. peace.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Scuba duba doo.

we have survived our first week of training for scuba certification. 2 more weeks to go. a synapse of the last week. fish,drink,visit family in illinois, no drink, drive.drink. a little of central wisco. mercury possessed weirdosity happened this last week. a kid went missing after the 4th. presumably walking home. big search. no body. same day they give up the search, the police find him. only naked and battered. they also find another naked, battered 23 year old dude. a dude kidnapped,chained, and sexually molested these dudes, but he got caught. he had a bunch of guns too. huh. chains. you're supposed to use rope or zip-ties to tie up your victims. a lesson to be learned: don't take a ride with strangers. especially gun-toting sadistic homophobic ones. yeah. jim.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4th o july

did some fishing with Carpy Mc Jeffers. we nailed some cats as usual. hit an area of the river i've never tried. we decided to forgo the Bodeans playing at the river front (sorry rob, i shoulda called) today we are heading to see my fam. in illinois. my sisters and mom and i haven't all been together for 4 years so its special. now if can only get Crappie Ang out o the bathroom and into the car.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

yeah. i'm still alive

holy crap, its been a long time since i been here. busy. fishing, catifish,crappy. went campin in lake delton, wisconsin dells . sucked. been a lot of flooding and the neighbors house got foreclosed on so been digging up nice plants. seen carpy mc jeffers. Phat tony is AWOL. i guess he went back to RE-hab. Wastemanagement hitman "andrew" has been here. almost sunk my dad's boat. shane's been in the U.k> rippin up asphalt on a moto-guzzi. shit. summer's here finally and i gotta have fun right??? jim

Friday, May 16, 2008


i'm locked and loaded.finally, i think spring is here. no more frost. time to have some fun. i've mowed the yard twice in 5 days. thats how much grass is growing. yeah. grass.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

let it snow!!!????

let it snow, wow, stevens point received 6.8 inches of snow yesterday. plover and rapids got @ 3 inches of the white stuff. musky season opened this weekend and most of the lakes are still covered with ice. this winter won't quit. i mean. may is here and there's an inch of snow still of the grass this morning. how am i to catfish? the water must get above 4o degrees for jebus' sake!!! well, for news, ain't none. my mafia friend "andrew" is in La Crosse doin' a job...a BIG j0b. we visited him a couple weeks ago and he says "hi". he was actually stayin with the boss, so he must be movin up the ladder. i best be keepin my "cat" eye on his ass. he may be making a move. on a different note, my friend York is buying a new building in P-Lover. i get to help him move. yea!!! and Musky Erik says "hi". his wife spawned a boy lately so he can't fish, and just works to wipe his baby's ass. i may fish with him the one time he gets to go this decade. we'll see. word. M.Matt says "yo". he'll be chillin with yours truly in june to slay some whiskas in june, can't wait. !!! later

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Darth M.matt powered by stinkbait.

i saw him yesterday. he was here. i think his is lifting because he is becoming taller. but not stronger. we got 2 inches o snow this week, postponing spring yet again. i wonder if summer will reciprocate this freak of nature. i want to fish, but i'd have a little better luck in my back yard. Phat tony may be gettin another job in Eau Claire. i will miss him. So. what will happen next. i need to upgrade my canoe. a trolling motor will kick up the speed as which i patrol for mr. whiskers and maybe the loathed musky. we have a plumber coming today. i don't want to talk about it. stay tough. jim

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i won in poker

i won again at grafittis last nite. jeffers mc carpy showed up and april fooled us. and told his story about the st. point detectives and the secret service visiting him. his covers blown!! he's red flagged so watch your story and we now have an information black out to jeff. its official. call me on my secret line if you need to talk or we meet at the usual. cfj.out

Sunday, March 30, 2008

my new orchid

this is a picture of the orchid i have been fortunate to have bloom at work. the combo of sunlight and the steam cleaner allowed this baby to bloom in a little over 5 months. pretty.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I wonder what matt's doing?

i can't sleep. all i can think of is what matt's doing? is he fishin'? riggin to fish? driving to go fishing? what? what!!!!? what!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


got my lines wet with carpy mcJeffers on sunday. its a little earlier but i couldn't take it anymore. i'm lookin to outfit my canoe into a trolling machine with bells and whistles. cold and icy here. only 9 monts till x-mas. will i be post-celebrating another invasion of iraq this time next year. yup. i've grown up with this war. i want it to end. maybe a little nuke action and then we can pave the country like my economics teacher(mr. simmons) in high skool said. keep dem hooks sharp.!!! Thanks for all the comments friends. 'specially that "Koy Killer" character. later

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy st. patty's day/Easter?

how did the saint that kicked out the snakes from ireland and jesus christ get mixed in the same week? Booze and ham. more like hamms for me. well. it seems the gin and tonix with all the other crap goin on is keepin me bizzy. by crap i mean "flavor of love" "top chef" and all the other crappy tv shows. its tuff watchin some of the worst television ever, but i try my darndest. well, good ole walker just turned 68. march 11th is the "other" son of god's birfday. and shit i know chuck would kick the shit out of jehovah. money. chuck norris got his wife pregnant at the age of 60, after a vasectomy! damn. that is powerful man stream-juice. and it doesn't hurt his wife is like 25 and hotter mike tyson's eyes after sex and mace. i gotta throw in a new clutch for the saab and i get pix soon, plus. more ice-out catfish-izzle schemes and i gotta funny ice fishin' story from hell from Musky Erik. his wife wife will spawn soon as her belly is full o eggs. she said erik will name thy spawn after a county in wisco, or a boat. my bet is "Wood" or "Ranger" we'll see. thanks for the comments all.. darth my son, do not fight thy inner feelings. milli vanilli was a good band. and props to that "Note book" guy, over....... cat MOFO jim

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Comment

No comments. thats all i get. nobody has nuthin to say. its like no one reads this crap? why should i keep doing it? let me know! catfish over and out.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

not much, just gettin fatter.

staying home today. not much goin on. not motivated. just too comfy to wanna do anything. i wonder if jeffers is catchin anything today. fish not bitin, too much snow. i'm just gettin fatter.

Friday, February 22, 2008

more of the white stuff

snow. the mailbox is under the snow bank now. praise the toro snowblower. remember, i'm about 6ft 2 inches tall. lots of snow

Sunday, February 17, 2008

the Porn Stache Strikes Back!

yep. there it is. behold its glory. bathe in its beauty. do not leave him alone with small children or farm animals. carpy Mc jeffers and Phat tony dropped by the crib and helped install a mofo garage door opener. We had that shit done with a Quickness. word. i'm so happy i don't have a mustache. it does look good on tony though. hmmmm....

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day Brokebacks

i found out that V-day is our friend Andrew's and Kelly's anniversary. they met at an Anti- Valentine's day party where they all had to wear black. i imagine the whole party was also ready to go to a funeral (hah!) or look like Euro-trash(HAHAHA!!!). either way that's how true love is found. i bet kelly picked up andrew in his hairy manly arms and smooched him right there. They might have been dressed in that rough leather biker outfit they like to "go clubs" to "dance" hello? I should lend them advice to just buy Brokeback Mountain instead of like renting it every weekend. i bet they don't even watch it.
anyways. ... i wonder how tony's mustache is doing?????

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

what's tony's mustache and a my rear have in common?

there both kinda hairy. omg lol!!!! im sick. this stinks.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

jim wins super bowl contest

yes. i bet tony to a mustache growing competition. and i won. tony has to grow a mustache until the daytona 500 that is in 2 weeks. quite a bet. money does not do a 2 week greasy mustache justice. i will have a photo soon. stay tuned folks.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Supa bowl Sunday.

yep. its here. da holiest of holies. i feel miffed that the pack lost. every chance given to them to win. it was -20 that day, but the run game man the run game. i'm fishin this weekend on lake thomas with the "phat tony". we've got 18 inches of ice and he's afraid to drive on it. sissy.
ang and i have started working out and watching our calorie intake. it seems our pants have been shrinking. i guess curling 12 ouncers has gotta stop for awhile. i'm stoked as today i getta go to york's shop and help change my saab's main engine seal. its been leaking for over a year and finally. its today. yea!!!!!!!! now that the pack are done with their season we've got about 1 more month of icefishing on the lakes. or river. i don't know just as yet. all my peeps. word to yo mutha. give the ole catfish a call sometime. or comment. or???? oh yeah my Pick : pats 17-13. 19-0 perfect season baby!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

-41 below

cold. warm. cold. packers lose. colder.cold. 18 inches of ice. cold. wind gusts to 30mph tonite. angela talked me out of snowblowing tonite. and she won poker again at grfaittis. cold. january.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

yahooo!!! packers playoffs

yea. sorry i've been away. work and all. talked with a pro about some likely catfish spots thru the ice on the wisco river. we will see. a new development in wisco has been HVA. new rules about fish butlering. a pain in the ass. more soon. later-hosen...jim