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Friday, October 30, 2009

hello ye merry bloggo-weeners+++/ i am afraid of scary movies

ah. halloween, or as i like to say Hello-ween. a fierce, vile time of the year that extends shrieks and blood curdling stools to children and parents alike. i am afraid of scary movies. i admit it. my parents kept us kids away from the genre as kids and i still haven't got used to them. call it an overactive imagination, but after i saw "the grudge", i swear he was in the bathroom that night. and to hell if i will ever go in the frickin attic again, in daytime, in the summer. never. it doesn't he that my girl can look the evil "the ring" girl if she puts her hair in her face and it still freaks me out. i grew up with a hundred acre corn field in my backyard. never had a prob walking around the evil place in the dark with the wet, sharp edge of the corn leaves cutting into your tender flesh. if you've never walked out into a cornfield in the dark, now is not the time. too many angry souls and hellions, plus you wager the chance to get downright lost and cornfields create an all encompassing vertigo, especially in the dark. and i grew up on "elm circle". not elm street but close enough. so no nightmare there. which brings me back to a tad over 5 years ago. i met my lady around october, in the meantime, she fell deathly ill. i stayed home with her on halloween and watched scary movies and had scarier nightmares. angela grew up watchin scary movies, so they have no effect on her. none. zip. zilch. she sleeps like a baby. so last year she took it upon herself to "cure" me of my fears and de-sensitize me by making me watch scary movie after scary movie after scary movie. and i was cured, but only to the extent of the "80's movies. the 90's and 2000' movies still scare the crap outta me. kinda like shane farting:). so i look forward to the 'unborn, 'the 4th kind, 'paranormal state' and the likes that have that fastforward scary crap., whatever happened to "Hitchcock that used the scariest, most evil, powerful stage prop in the universe: our imagination..? have fun trick or treating. and i hope that payday is just a candy bar.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i am needed... and so are the white trash.

yea!! so here's whats up with the neighborhood. the 15 yr old girl got knocked up by her 9th grade boy toy on sturgis weekend when the 'rents were away. she just got in a huge catfight with her brother's girl that was mad at her cuz she's 17 and wants to get knocked up too. but her man (tyler) already got 2 girls knocked up a month apart 2 years ago. plus they are loosing their house in december, but can still keep the harley?? priorities of the white trash. i've considered helping their rent as i will be so lonely without them. i will have to sell the binoculars. and ang deleted the pix of the neighbor mom picking weeds on all fours with her "flirty" girl daisy dukes on. crap.