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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

let it snow!!!????

let it snow, wow, stevens point received 6.8 inches of snow yesterday. plover and rapids got @ 3 inches of the white stuff. musky season opened this weekend and most of the lakes are still covered with ice. this winter won't quit. i mean. may is here and there's an inch of snow still of the grass this morning. how am i to catfish? the water must get above 4o degrees for jebus' sake!!! well, for news, ain't none. my mafia friend "andrew" is in La Crosse doin' a job...a BIG j0b. we visited him a couple weeks ago and he says "hi". he was actually stayin with the boss, so he must be movin up the ladder. i best be keepin my "cat" eye on his ass. he may be making a move. on a different note, my friend York is buying a new building in P-Lover. i get to help him move. yea!!! and Musky Erik says "hi". his wife spawned a boy lately so he can't fish, and just works to wipe his baby's ass. i may fish with him the one time he gets to go this decade. we'll see. word. M.Matt says "yo". he'll be chillin with yours truly in june to slay some whiskas in june, can't wait. !!! later

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Darth M.matt powered by stinkbait.

i saw him yesterday. he was here. i think his is lifting because he is becoming taller. but not stronger. we got 2 inches o snow this week, postponing spring yet again. i wonder if summer will reciprocate this freak of nature. i want to fish, but i'd have a little better luck in my back yard. Phat tony may be gettin another job in Eau Claire. i will miss him. So. what will happen next. i need to upgrade my canoe. a trolling motor will kick up the speed as which i patrol for mr. whiskers and maybe the loathed musky. we have a plumber coming today. i don't want to talk about it. stay tough. jim

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

i won in poker

i won again at grafittis last nite. jeffers mc carpy showed up and april fooled us. and told his story about the st. point detectives and the secret service visiting him. his covers blown!! he's red flagged so watch your story and we now have an information black out to jeff. its official. call me on my secret line if you need to talk or we meet at the usual. cfj.out