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Friday, June 29, 2007

Catfish Jim Defeats Carpfish Jeff!!!!!!! / Zinger!!!

yes, its true!!. i protected my world-title belt against the nasty carpfisherman Jeffers!!! he even tried to cheat.!! he used corn*** dastardly.. Our day started as usual with a little friendly indian-leg wrestling. from then on it elevated to a full bore fishing tourney!!! jeff's carpy-nessis only rivaled by his love of smarmy-ness. all in all... a great day. we fought. we bonded. we loved. not each other. but just those quiet inbetween times. a musky man has a LOT of inbetween time. (just ask Erik (a.k.a.judge judy.. about the lotion incident?) And its all true, i would not lie to you; my catfish brethren.
yesterday i had one of the biggest zingers of my Life!!! No, not the chocolate twinkie-like objects that are so yummy. i am speaking of the sound of your drag when a catfish (or carp) grabs that bait and heads for the hills. If you ever hear..."zzzzzzzz...sploosh" your rods in the water (empirical knowledge). I had just cast out a couple rods and was contemplating my third rods terminal rigging, when lo and behold!! my drag started screaming like my crazy neighbor's wife!!! I was sure this was a behemoth, or a small guy hot to trot. i lifted the pole and .... must've just had the bait in its mouth.. only bite of the afternoon. shux.
i've been busy campin a little and getting my goldsmith bench finalized. a lot of small details in all to get a comprehensive jeweler's bench built. my girlie has been so supportive of it all. she's whats kept me going on this mission. so, if you'd like any custom jewelery brothers. let me know!! jim

Monday, June 4, 2007

June just past the Blue Moon

Hello everyone!! just back from a campin' trip at devil's lake in baraboo, wisconsin with the dinkins family. had a blast, got rained on, burned wood, drank hamm's and ate too much. very fun indeed.
this weekend is my friend rob hughes' bachelor party. we are headin' to fish the Wolf river at the New london dam on housebo-at that is grandfathered in the river. so me and some buddies are tossing bait for flatheads all nite. rob caught a 40 in pike last time and the river is known for big flatheads. yea!!!
Carpy Mc jeffers is busy circumnavigating the willow and was last heard fighting a lashing thunder-boomer. he may not come back the same man. compounding his isolation from human interaction, i believe he is becoming weirder. (if possible) check out his fun @
Phat tony and his bait ho went down to the brown river state park in Ar-Kansas on memorial day weekend. they canoed and lounged on the lazy banks of that purdy river with their deliverance tour guide, Ernie. as ernie says, "if two guys can't hurt him, one guy can't do much harm" I assume this must be about "fist" fights. hahahaha...
i'm working "Rock the brewery" this weekend too. yep. i work at the Stevens Point Brewery too. many facets to CFJ.. I can't wait to hear Richard Marx, Starship, and Steppenwolf play.. I'm breakin' out my hot pink suspenders and piano tie for this extravaganza!!!
Also, in light of my developing beer belly, i am gonna stop drinking beer for 2 weeks.. like lent but different.. i will switch to atkins/slimfast drinks like; wine, gin,vodka,and whisky. i will watch myself transform back into the lean mean catfishin' machine i was before 27. i guess we'll take this trip together. 14 days. i can do it. maybe I'll musky fish for a while. you aren't supposed to drink beer while you musky fish because its so exciting, and you can't drink because you are catching too many musky all the time... at least that what erik and cookie tell me. well, i'll keep in touch better my brethren,.. i hit the wisco 3 times last week, and i think i'm a switchin' carp for awhile cuz they're jumpin like water on a hot greased pan. later. cfj.