to my peeps:

thanks for reading. this blog shall expire in 24 hours.

Monday, April 30, 2007


hi all, sorry i haven't written for awhile. been very busy as spring is here and finally can get some things done. canoed around the wisco with Sexy bait girl yestrday. had fun and checked out re asecret "camp-catfish".. an old earthen fire ring, probably from early cave man catfisherman is all that remains. we are goin to do camp catfish this fall and you're all invited!!
i did have an off meeting with the splinter -cell bait group last week. i could not take a photo, but i did have a sit-down with them. as i am a "made -man", gettin bait will be no problemo. well off to work on saabs at my buddy York's shop. i have learned how to rebuild and entire saab transmission in about an hour.. there are many facets to catfishjim no??
plus. a new crime syndicate has established itself in town as 2 cars were stolen in town last week. unfortunately, the audi that was boosted was in possession by York's wife. so. they may be trying to get a message to me through my friends. My friends Are my Family, so we may have a turf war. time to call my specialist in. the "wasteman". more later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Merry 4/20!!!!!!!!!!

some say, "the best day of the year".. i remember the ole days when i'd hit 4:20 p.m. and a.m. i was working, but thought jerrry garcia, cuz he kicked the bucket @ that time. almost may and we are thick in trivia 32 right now. i got so jacked up on energy drinks last nite, i was watching walker, texas ranger at midnight, but i'd already seen it.
new news.. i have an informant in the "garbage mafia" i will try to interview this rat and find more info. later

Friday, April 13, 2007

Will the real Slimcatfish please stand up.!?!.

hello faithful disciples. yes its me, the real slimcatfish is here!!!!! bait up, beer up, get your new license, ice, fresh line. and all that. trivia is here in stevens point. phat tony's team ( for the first time in trivia) and i believe his name of the team may go down in history as thee Lamest Name in History.
so not much new, get some new gear. a must is some new flourocarbon leader material.. i tried the Stren brand flourocarbon in the ocean fishing for yellowtail snapper, while my god/friend greg used Seaguar flourocarbon... i didn't notice any difference as i caught fish for fish next to him. (which is a tall feat considering he is a god and i a demi-god) but anyways..... more next time..
tony didn't go to tennessee to make love to his man-gina buddies but stayed home to clean his house like a good woman, i am actually here at Phat tony's now..and drinking his delicious, ice cold beer.. peace, love, and bobby sheurman. cfj. out

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Doug Stange Lives!

Hi Jim: Nice to hear from you. Always difficult as a fisherman to make a perfectly accurate prediction what's happening in the environments we're fishing as far as the fish population is concerned. Need to get the biologist boys involved if possible. I know that's not possible or easilyso many times. Big fish are always vulnerable, though. Anyway, hope you continue to have decent fishing and good fishing to you! I'm busy working on a historic catfish book which we hope to have available sometime next year. doug stange, editor in chief

Yes, my followers,!!! those are the words sent to me by DOUG STANGE!! wow. he's the best. and so humble, and what about that hot tip on the book. sure to be on Oprah's top ten.
Well, we got a nice snow bath yesterday. not as bad as forecast here, but still cold, and i worry about the robins.. there has been no bug hatch so i am concerned that they have nothing to eat. the snow is a bummer as we had 80 degree weather a little ago. Phat tony may go down to Tennessee this weekend, but the cold snap reaches down into ArKansas. yikes. not much new here, goin to the west coast for the first time...excited. and i get to visit the San Fran o the midwest next month. yes...minneapolis, which is near metropolis where superman lives. so. hi on morale, low on fishin.......take it easy.... catfishjim out
p.s. Doug said its "nice to hear from me"

Friday, April 6, 2007

Jeff K*pps' "In back of beyond"... Full of Lies

Jeff lies, lies, lies..... !!!We all know he lies when his lips move. He does not fish for ivy. he was probably trying to fornicate with cats. what is wrong with this demented individual???
I have fished with the man, and now he thinks he is a "pussy" cat? I think his diet may contain too much mercury.
On another note, We all have heard of the contaminated cat food that is in the recalled "science diet" don't throw it away!!! Chum with it!!!!! It is a wonderful attractent and very oily. excellent. i must go ... the Catfish King calls. Peace my catfish brethren.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


That's what i do, study. my catalogs, my magazines. looking to glean a little more info.. temps dropped from near 80 to now 14 fahrenheit. that'll stop the bite. no boats are out there. none. zip. zilch. bait girl and i are heading to a secret oregon resevoir for catfish this year, the sugar river, devil's lake, the illinois, the rock, and i'd like the fox or wolf, many places. and i'm ready to order my musky stuff, care to piggy-back on my order???

Monday, April 2, 2007

Really, Really April fool's day/ Catfish Trench

hello all. i'm sorry of lack of posts lately.. i had to travel to the Degaba system to study with my mentors, doug stange and otis the toad. i have returned strong and steadfast.
Well, i hooked up my first catfish of the year already. seemed soon for wisconsin, my earliest catch before that was in April , the 12th to be exact, of 5 years ago. i honestly got the spot from a game warden. (for shame) I have fish'd the spot from a bo-at though. i got my first fish on land in less than 5 minutes. damn was i excited. i was so happy.
Another tale from the catfish trench!!!!!!!!! all of us shore fisherman can understand and relate to this... Scenario: i'm sittin-n- sippin' a cold milwaukee's best Ice, 3 lines in the water, fishin a turn in the wisco next to the happy heron boat landing,(newly renovated, should check it out). A guy with a new BO-AT is all titty-giddy to get his bo-at in the water for its maiden trip. i chit-chat a little with him, to be friendly to the lowly walleye fisherman. he gets in the bo-at and starts to drift downstream, passing over one of my lines. Now this has happened on many occassions as i can cast from here to the moon, but this time was my first.....right when he passes over my line, he Hammers down, my rod bends over, and my drag starts screaming like i hooked an enormous carp. i was in shock, and kicked my self for not mentioning earlier "Hey buddy!!watch out for my lines!!!"" i ran over and cut the line as i expected my rod to lauch in the drink....i lost over 50% of my line, learned a lesson, and then packed my shit and skee-daddled. i figured that much line may cause a mess in the prop, especially when a 2 ounce sinker slams into a boat hull at mach 10.
also catfish brethren, the new 2007 Catfish-insider is out!!! with new and exciting products. i am glad to add this to my collection. take it easy, and don't let yer woman find the bait hidden in the fridge:)