to my peeps:

thanks for reading. this blog shall expire in 24 hours.

Monday, March 23, 2009

april showers bring may mudbogs

what is this? rain,snow.sleet.etc... we just took down the christmas tree and i am very sad. i wanted it up the whole year. it became alive to me. and the coffee table was so close. perfect for my beer. now i have to lean forward. o taunenbaum. b.u.m.m.e.r. well. football is around the corner, i can't wait to see how brett and coach homegrown will do this year. the pack will win da superbowl for sure hey. we be goin to chicago to do the shamrock shuffle with my sis claud and spiker. i put us in for the longest mile time possible so i hope they start us in the front. good picture opportunities. look for us in the chicago tribune. just ordered my ipod classic. 120 gb of power. i finally hve all my cds in the itunes at around 13gb. i still am gonna burn my vinyl to the ipod too. and i got alot too. later-hosin catfish. oh yeah. the 14 1/2 walleye are running if ya wanna waste your time or catch bait.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

yo. Props to the real Jay -Z/ my 2time hi-skool daddy got smokes.

damn is it cold and frickin windy. i've inherited a dude's garbage can that blew the 200 yards in the 40 mph gusts last night. and i think the loser kid of the neighbor mechanic went to go get smokes @ 2am from the rpm's in first and the bass....from his dad's mustang.later..

Props: 2 my man jason Z? i went to hi skool with this kool kat. chess and suicidal tendencies. check out his blog....