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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Repo Man Cometh....

finally getting a little spring and summer. the black spg projekt is near completion. then once the raised garden is finished, i am officially off for the summer. fishing and camping and having fun is my #1 priority. i haven't talked with tony for awhile. he has gotten new young kool friends. or just a bunch of other single drinking buddies. oh well. some fancy action yarry happened last night. our whitetrash nextdoor neighbors got their car REPO'd last night. the neighbor girl said it was gonna happen friday but it narry did. lo and behold, right around 9 pm, cometh the repo. the father(after his son knocked up the neighbor skank and another skank) went out and "bought" a new harley-davidson and showed up with a new Ford Mustang GT. well, one is gone. next the harley??? lets watch and find out.