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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

holy crap> its official.

as media entertainment becomes more widespread, accessible, and popular; will we all be assimilated? it seems that the nerds did inherit the world. if a person doesn't Facebook or even know how to "surf the net", you assume they are retarded(no offense jeff). i like to stay current. it makes me feel younger and hip. my young neighbor girl couldn't believe myself and my ho are on Facebook. i was like, "yeah, i got like 50 friends. how many you got?" and she was like "jimbo, i've got over 300." high school/SPASH... how doesn't have that many friends. duh. so, i was put in my facebook place. and she told me my mowing sux cuz i miss so much of the grass. somehow, i've morphed into a pseudo-suburbanite, but i still rock PRINCE mofo!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

I AM ON FACEBOOK!/ Census '09 begins

finally did it and i like it. facebook is nifty. i've befriended alot of dudes i haven't heard of forever. its a blast. everyone whom reads this, please leave a comment so i can start a census. thanks.