to my peeps:

thanks for reading. this blog shall expire in 24 hours.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

my new orchid

this is a picture of the orchid i have been fortunate to have bloom at work. the combo of sunlight and the steam cleaner allowed this baby to bloom in a little over 5 months. pretty.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I wonder what matt's doing?

i can't sleep. all i can think of is what matt's doing? is he fishin'? riggin to fish? driving to go fishing? what? what!!!!? what!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


got my lines wet with carpy mcJeffers on sunday. its a little earlier but i couldn't take it anymore. i'm lookin to outfit my canoe into a trolling machine with bells and whistles. cold and icy here. only 9 monts till x-mas. will i be post-celebrating another invasion of iraq this time next year. yup. i've grown up with this war. i want it to end. maybe a little nuke action and then we can pave the country like my economics teacher(mr. simmons) in high skool said. keep dem hooks sharp.!!! Thanks for all the comments friends. 'specially that "Koy Killer" character. later

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy st. patty's day/Easter?

how did the saint that kicked out the snakes from ireland and jesus christ get mixed in the same week? Booze and ham. more like hamms for me. well. it seems the gin and tonix with all the other crap goin on is keepin me bizzy. by crap i mean "flavor of love" "top chef" and all the other crappy tv shows. its tuff watchin some of the worst television ever, but i try my darndest. well, good ole walker just turned 68. march 11th is the "other" son of god's birfday. and shit i know chuck would kick the shit out of jehovah. money. chuck norris got his wife pregnant at the age of 60, after a vasectomy! damn. that is powerful man stream-juice. and it doesn't hurt his wife is like 25 and hotter mike tyson's eyes after sex and mace. i gotta throw in a new clutch for the saab and i get pix soon, plus. more ice-out catfish-izzle schemes and i gotta funny ice fishin' story from hell from Musky Erik. his wife wife will spawn soon as her belly is full o eggs. she said erik will name thy spawn after a county in wisco, or a boat. my bet is "Wood" or "Ranger" we'll see. thanks for the comments all.. darth my son, do not fight thy inner feelings. milli vanilli was a good band. and props to that "Note book" guy, over....... cat MOFO jim