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Sunday, November 25, 2007

jeff kopp is insane

have you all been reading "in back of beyond" ??? i think the mad lust for chad kelly has demented his love... and he always talks about himself in 3rd person. i keep wondering, "does jeff think this is funny??? Catfish jim will investigate this behavior and post back. Jim is super bizzy and is occupied with a voodoo doll. for Darth M.matt and the upcoming packer/cowboy game. Do you sacrifice and dismember Romo, or us voodoo black magik?? i can't decide. and Musky Erik's lady "sandy" is full of spawn.. I wonder what her mailman looks like as erik is never home long enough to do "the deed" . thats the problem with musky fisherman.. just musky on the mind.. shame shame... have a merry christmas... catfish jim out!!!