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Sunday, November 30, 2008

its beginning to look alot like X-mas

that poor guy that opened the door at the walmart in long island was trampled. too bad but it could be natural selection if he didn't know any better than to start directly in front of the door as the mad throng of shoppers went into the shopping frenzy. herd mentality.any situation, i'd stay away. it reminds me of when a walmart in wausau or point had a midnight opening of halo 8 or playstation, or xbox. the store had all the wild kids have to stand across the parking lot. so at midnight, they let em run acrossed the lot to the happy video games awaiting and everyone was happy. not exactly, the distance to run only amplified the winners and losers and some of the mean kids tripped and shoved the others around them. this lead to one kid getting jacked into a light pole and having to be taken to the hospital with contusions. i'd just wait to get it next week.

only one hunter dead so far this year and about 5 gun fire mishaps. and the lady that was missing in hatfield,wi. has been found dead. who dunnit??? bait girl knew immediately. yup, her husband. almost always you are killed or shot by somebody you know. except the 2 dudes that bucked each other down in the check out line in Toys-r-us. hey!!! have a merry next couple of weeks and maybe shopping on line is a tad safer??

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

pikefishjim's jamboree??

well, both my dad and sexxxy bait girl out fished me this weekend. i got @ 15 in large mouth bass. very chubby. dad got 30 northern pike and den ang got 2 pike in 2 casts. 24" and 20" respectfully. all pike caught on da new slash bait, the X-rap. killer bait eh??