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Friday, December 21, 2007

hi martian lovers

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH MARS: Have you noticed an intense red star rising in the east in recent evenings? That's no star, that's Mars. The red planet is having a close encounter with Earth this week. At closest approach on Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, the two worlds will lie only 55 million miles apart. Mars won't be this nearby again until the year 2016. To the naked eye, Mars now outshines every star in the night sky (it is slightly brighter than Sirius) and it looks great through a backyard telescope. Visit for photos, observing tips and sky maps.
Fish on catfish lovers!!!
NOTE: While, technically speaking, Mars is at its best and brightest only on Dec. 18th, the red planet will remain unusually close and beautiful for weeks to come. This makes it a Merry Martian Christmas for anyone who finds a telescope under their tree on Dec. 25th:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

cold in da wisco. bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr. go Cowboys!!!

hi all. i've been working many hours this month as santa's elves aren't goldsmiths. i am and have to make the stuff to make many ladies happy. i've been thinking about the Cowboys a lot lately. What a great team. they've got it all and could win the super bowl. i am so ready to icefish. havta find carpfish jeff's tent/home so we can jig'em up. hope all is fine and everyone have a merry xanadumas. stay healthy.. p.s. i heard sandy's baby's father could be from someone not erik. i guess Jeff stopped down there about 6 months. that feral dog. sad to say but the spawn will probably be.....???

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Packers grudgingly lose to Da 'Boys

what a game. i feel bad for what i did to the romo-doll. i'm sorry. I have been asked to join the legion of the blue and silver stars. this team who has defeated the pack so many time. should i switch to a cowboy fan? is it such a bad idea. the packers are gonna suck more again and the cowboys seem to be on a ginormous upswing for the next many years. i feel torn apart inside. Packers or Cowboys. Carp or Catfish. i am so confused!?!?!?!?