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thanks for reading. this blog shall expire in 24 hours.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

decembrist's day/ free health care.

wow, we had like a three week native american summer here with hi's near 60. am almost done with the saltwater tank progress. will post pix. i am finally using my college education to win trivia contests at a local bar called club forest. all i have to do is be the hi winner and ta da, 25 dollar bar tab. i did it last week and am goin again this week. it feels like cheating, but its not that fun. i do like the free money. oh yeah, i can't wait for the health care to pass so i can get lasik surgery and help pay for the less fortunate in america. and all the illegal fraud too..........

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

luckily, i got the cold

my worst year to date. i have had like 4 weeks of cold/flu/food poisoning and can't get a break. i am off the "beer" and am on the "water" . when will i get better. shane: hope all is well for you in ak. have a great winter and i look forward to seein ya. i found a pix from halloween when we all went out partying. i was a chic and tony was fat albert.. the good ole days...